Managing Agent
[def] 1. Someone who works for or represents a property owner, managing properties, collecting fees etc.

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As Real Estate Managing Agents, we take control of private housing developments and manage them on behalf of the owners. The range of our duties varies from customer to customer. Some clients require full management while some prefer to manage contractors and workmen themselves while we deal with the finances. We also provide a customised service for situations where there are more complicated requirements.
We provide three standard services. If these don't fit your requirements completely, we will be happy to provide a customised solution [More..]



The full range of services to manage your development.

Management of your suppliers, employees etc. This service is focussed on getting jobs done.

 If you prefer to manage the jobs yourself, no problem. We can provide all of the financial management on your behalf.
Plain Speaking Management
Plain speaking is part of the philosophy of quaycroft. This can be seen, not just in our written communications, but in our service offerings too. We have created three standard offerings to choose from along with a custom service for the situations where your needs are more complicated. [More..]
It's all in the detail..
It doesn't seem like too much to ask to have your development managed with the care and attention to detail that you would give it yourself, if you had the time.. What you need is an agent where these principles are engrained in their philosophy and every action. [More..]

Beyond the standards.
At Quay Croft we adhere to the standards for the industry. However, we like to think we go beyond 'compliance'. Managing your development as if it was our own leads us to go beyond compliance with the standards. We focus on providing the personal approach you would expect from a resident of your estate. It may be a little presumptuous of us, but we like to think of ourselves as part of your team rather than an external company.
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