[noun] 1. Theory or attitude that acts as guiding principle for behaviour

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Every agent can tell you what they do. Most can tell you how what they do delivers benefits to the customer. But how many can go deeper and tell you what they really, truly believe in? Not just a tired list of corporate values on a poster in an office, but a set of principles that defines the business and sits at the core of everything it does – from guiding our supplier selection processes to managing service charge defaulters, Quay Croft can. We call them The Three Ps.

How often do the Management Company or residents raise issues that should have been identified by the agents? This is an area where a large number of managing agents fall short of their claims. Occurrences of this are monitored by Quay Croft and transparently communicated to the customer in order that they can be avoided in the future. The way we see it, if you have to bring something to our attention that we should already know and be dealing with, then we will have failed you.

Plain Speaking
No spin. No Jargon. No management speak. All of our activities are undertaken with complete transparency. Our ‘open book’ approach means that we don’t just tell it to you how it is, we show you. You’ll have access to all our information as we see it, so you can understand exactly what is going on at your development. We will also tailor our updates to suit your own individual style and personal preferences to ensure that you feel on top things at all times.

It’s amazing how soon the personal touch can evaporate after the contract is signed. Not with Quay Croft. It’s the lifeblood of our business. We don’t succeed by growing volume. We succeed by developing long-standing personal relationships with our customers, built on openness, respect and trust. We take time to build those relationships – time which we can afford to invest because we value our customers over many years.

'It's not my department...'

Key to all of this is the empowerment of employees – giving the people closest to the customer the authority to make decisions in the best interest of that customer.
One of the ways Quay Croft achieves this is by allocating the responsibility of an estate to a named individual. This is not just the customer facing aspects, but relates to all of the activities undertaken by the agent – retrieving service charges, management accounting, contractor management and proactive job management. It means that, when our estate manager sits down in front of the your committee or board, you will never hear the words “I’ll need to speak to Department X“, as so often happens. They will know exactly what the day-to-day issues are and what is being done.

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