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Our standard property management service ensures that all of the supplier, maintenance and contract related aspects of running your homes are under the management of Quay Croft. We have listed the standard parts of the service here to give you an idea of what is included.
We review existing contracts in order to understand exactly what services the suppliers are due to supply and how often. It is common for these agreements to be lacking in clarity or even non-existent! Our experience is that if a contract or documented service schedule exists, the management the service delivered is more consistent.

Where it is necessary to draw up new contracts, we can provide these. Not one sided, complicated ones full of technical legal terminology, but fair, equitable and simple ones written in plain english.

Supplier management
We closely monitor the service delivered from suppliers to ensure compliance with contracts and schedules. Where there are gaps in performance or delivery, we work with the suppliers to understand the reason and get them back on track.

Scheduled maintenance
We ensure there is a formal documented diary of maintenance works in place. This ensures that we have a programme of events which we can manage your development by. The last thing we want to have is having to react to a breakdown or fault which could have been avoided. Indeed we pride ourselves on our proactiveness

General maintenance
Things get broken. Sometimes due to negligence and other times, just wear and tear. The important thing is that they are repaired promptly and in a cost effective manner. We make sure that the work is done in a timely manner and that you don't pay ridiculous price for the privilege.

From time-to-time, improvement works are required. We have plenty of experience in producing specifications for works, managing the tender process and assisting you choosing the right contractor.

RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code

The following sections of the management code are included in the Quay Croft Property service.

Part 7

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14



Works to extend / develop
The sections listed are directly applicable to the Quay Croft Property service. However there are many other sections which detail the general behaviour of the agent, rights of tenants etc. These sections are also applied in the service.

Transparency selecting your contractors?

It is common practice for many Managing Agents to have 'preferred suppliers'. The nature of these preferred relationships is not always clear to customers. In some cases this may involve percentage of each invoice being paid by the supplier to the Agent for being recommended for the work.

Some agents even charge the customer for using contractors who are not on their preferred list. We find this is usually a good indication that there is a financial arrangement between the contractor and the Agent.

At Quay Croft we don't subscribe to these practices. We have a comprehensive range of contractors which we are happy to recommend. But our guiding principle is that you, the customer, are in charge. We are just as happy to use your contractors as we are our regular ones. Either way, we make no money from them.

This makes it simple when tendering for business as we can get truly competitive quotes with no chance of a hidden bias in the selection process.
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